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Wed, Dec. 1st, 2004, 02:41 pm
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alright... so here's what i'm trying to do this week:

a) eat better

b) exercise more/walk

c) learn/begin to learn these programs: captivate, authorware, perl, PHP.

d) be more understanding of my mom and her weirdness.

e) continue to use face stuff.


a) still eating some leftovers from TurkeyTime, so not doing very well on that.

b) can't get out of bed in the morning... walking more at work, but still not doing very well. motivation??? where are you?

c) learning well.

d) pretty good. ALMOST can get over the whole buying-a-hot-tub-instead-of-helping-pay-for-wedding thing. had a good time last night.

e) most fabulous! skin=good! way better than any time i can think of in the last couple of years, even!

Thu, Dec. 2nd, 2004 04:33 am (UTC)

hey, dont be so blah. what i read here is that you are doing pretty great!

in terms of exercising more, here's a couple tricks i do:
1) park farther from the entrance to wherever you are going (work, shopping, etc.)
2) take the stairs whenever possible. when im feeling really motivated, i even take a few minutes out of my lunch to run up and down a couple flights.
3) take a break at work, and walk. since i work in the city, when im feeling the afternoon blahs- i get up from my desk and walk around the block. it helps to re-energize, and the fresh air is nice, and it only takes a few minutes (no longer than some people's smoke or chat breaks, so i dont feel guilty.)

well done on the learning!! =) keep up the good work.

and glad to read the new skin care routine is working for you. im not having as much luck with that. now, ive been really good at sticking to it this week, but there are some inhibiting factors right now i have to take into account. (antibiotics&hormones this week.) so im trying not to get down and keep with it and hope for better results next week.

so proud of you. thanks for starting this community for us to share. =)